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Small Description * I am an inventor with a new orthopedic medical product that I invented "Titled" CRUTCH FOOT RESTER that I know and believe will be very helpful to people with ankle or foot injures and at the same time make a whole lots of money. Unfortunately i don’t have the money to pay for the manufacturing and commercialization of this innovative orthopedic medical product. CRUTCH FOOT RESTER is a new innovative orthopedic medical product that goes on a crutch tip that will offer people who have cast or cast shoe on their leg due to an ankle or foot injures an opportunity to have a place to rest (place) the injured leg while they walk with a crutch, thereby, relieving the pressure on them, having to walk on one leg, in other to avoid putting too much pressure on the injured leg or damaging the cast if the ground is wet. This product will allow a person on a crutch to control the movement of his or her injured leg with his or her hand by lifting or pulling the injured leg up and lowering it down gently, thereby, avoiding putting too much pressure on the injured leg when he or she walks. With this product a person on a crutch do not need two crutches to walk with, all the user needs is just one crutch with CRUTCH FOOT RESTER on it, to rest the injured leg on. This product will make it easier for people that have cast or cast shoe on, to be able to walk short or long distances comfortably without any pain or difficulties. It will also makes it easier for the person who has it on his or her crutch to go up and down the stair or get in and out of a car, bus or train at ease with no difficulties or stress. Most important! CRUTCH FOOT RESTER helps the crutch to stay upright on the user’s leg, whether the user is seating down or standing up to make use of his or her hand(s), which makes it easy to reach and out of people’s way. The CRUTCH FOOT RESTER is an innovative new mobility product that is quickly and easily attaches to a crutch. With this product, a person on a crutch will still be able to perform his or her daily activities around the house or at work. I realized the need for a product such as this when I had a cast on my leg in 2006, and had difficulties getting to places to places, especially long distances, and also going to the store and then having to struggle taking money out of my pocket and also carrying my groceries home. This product is an ideal product for any body who has a cast or cast shoe on his or her leg. I believe and I know there will be a very, very huge, huge market (demand) for this product, from hospitals, medical supply companies, military hospitals and retail stores such as Kmart,Wal-Mart and others. Since the users of this product will be people with ankle or foot injures that might have resulted from any kind of sports contact or from any other mishaps. This innovative product can not be find in any medical stores or in any stores in the United State or in any other places in the world. This product will be the first of it kind in the world. Patent pending. Seeking funding for the amount of $2,500,000.00 or Investors, willing to invest at least $2,500,000.00 for the manufacturing and commercialization of this product. I truly, truly believe in this product, unfortunately my financial resources is very very limited to put it mildly. I need financial help from investors or funding to launch this new product to the market as soon as possible.Thanks.
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Industry * Consumer Products  
Technology Type Industrial Technology
Licence Type * Patent
Technology registered following countries USA
Revenues Range 3 Mio. - 5 Mio. US$  
Profit Range Not applicable (startup or asset Sale)  
Technology/Invention development status Ready to market
Prototype existing
Technology/Invention License status Patent pending
Independent Resarch available? Non disclosed
Test Reports available? Non disclosed
Asking price range for Technology * 2.5 Mio.- 5 Mio. US$  
Asking price (in US) * $2,000,000.00  
Preferred transfer form Rent / Lease
Joint Venture
Seller interested to sell less than 100% of Business? No
Seler is interested in broker offers? Yes
Questionnaire required? No
NDA required? No
Seller financing available? Non disclosed
Technology Listing Reference Number  
Technology Owner Type Inventor
Company form Other  
Owner Company Type Non Disclosed  
Management could stay? No
Employees Range 1 - 5 people  
Location (continent) USA  
Location country USA  
Location state (US only) Massachusetts  
Seller accepts to pay finders fee Yes
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