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Small Description * I have a new product that I invented that goes on the handle of a toilet tank handle “titled” 2 IN 1 TOILET HANDLE ACTIVATOR (Hand/Foot Toilet Handle Activator), that I know and believe will be a welcoming good news to able and disabled people. I invented this new innovative product to give people a choice when it comes to flushing a toilet. This new innovative product is designed with a frame long enough in such a manner to permit a user, to flush the toilet in a simple and hygienic manner. Depending on a person’s preference and abilities, they can either flush the toilet using a hand, (preferably an elbow) or a foot. The present new device out there right now only allows a user to use his or her leg(foot), with no consideration of these people who might have difficulty using their legs or don’t have legs at all, but at the same time are afraid of touching the existing handle with their hand(fingers) because of germs. My device will offer able and disabled people the opportunity to use their elbow or foot, instead of just their foot. The object of my invention is to provide an inexpensive device which allows flushing a toilet by avoiding manual use of the existing flush handle, with respect to hygiene or other conditions, such as arthritis, back pain, to readily flush the toilet in a comfortable and independent manner. Easily to install on any existing flushing handle mechanism and works in conjunction therewith. Patent pending.I truly, truly believe in this product, unfortunately my financial resources is very, very limited, to put it mildly.I need to license this device on royalty.I have a working prototype, but can only be seen after NDA has been signed. Thanks. Name: IKE ELUWA. Email Address: Phone Number: 978-446-9800. Address: 9 West Adam Street, Unit 1,Lowell, Mass. 01852. 
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Licence Type * Production Licence
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Technology/Invention development status Prototype existing
Technology/Invention License status Patent pending
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Asking price range for Technology * 1 Mio.- 2.5 Mio. US$  
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