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Dolomite quarry for sale  
Small Description * . With regard to our offer concerning the sale of the dolomite
quarry from Romania, located in Voșlăbeni, Harghita county (very close to the central area of Romania, in which area there are no industrial lime manufacturers, and which represents approximately 35% of Romania’s territory), we wou ld like to inform you about three more very important details concerning the possibilities for marketing this deposit, which would allow you to recover your investment within a maximum of 4 years.
We were very concerned about finding new markets for the dolomite deposit, and for this purpose we have asked some prestigious research institutes to perform certain tests and trials on the use of the dolomite in other sectors as well.
1. The report of the CIMPROGETTI Institute (Italy) revealed that due to its purity, the dolomite of Voșlăbeni:
- after applying the technological process for transforming it into lime, the result was a product whose quality was clearly superior compared to the other types of lime obtained in Romania, with a purity of over 95% (in Romania, all types of lime that are being marketed and obtained from calcareous rocks from the territory of Romania have a purity of max. 85%), which makes the white level to be close to perfection – over 95%, the specialists from CIMPROGETTI claim that the magnesian lime obtained from this deposit is the best in the world for thermo-chemical reactions, having special bonding and alloying qualities – currently, in Romania, magnesian lime can be marketed at the price of 200,00 Euros per tonne, and due to its high quality, the entire production could be sold on the Romanian market;
2. It is suitable for the application of a technological procedure for obtaining magnesium, a metal that is imported, at least in Europe, in large quantities, either from China or from the USA, which makes magnesium easily marketable throughout Europe.
3. The report of the most prestigious research institute in the field of bird and animal feed in Romania revealed the fact that due to its rich calcium and magnesium content, the Voșlăbeni Dolomite:
- the tests performed by including it in the diet of various livestock and poultry proved that it can only be used in the feed of the broilers reared through intensive methods. Administered daily in controlled amounts to these chicken, it provides them a weight gain of about 3,5% higher compared to the ones that did not receive Voșlăbeni dolomite, but only calcium or other dolomites. It was also found that by chicken that received Voșlăbeni dolomite, the amount of feed administered was reduced by approximately 3,7% (the inclusion of the Voșlăbeni dolomite in the diet of the broilers can lead to a profit increase of over 100% for broiler breeders), and it can be traded on various markets, especially in the major poultry meat producing countries.
At the same time, it is important to know that the technological processes for obtaining lime or magnesium lead to a finer grained dolomitic rock, which can be further ground to a grain size of 0-1 and marketed as additive for broiler fodder.
To this email we have attached the study conducted by the CIMPROGETTI Institute (ltaly), but unfortunately the Romanian Institute has not yet made available to us the English version of the study conducted by them.
The Voșlobeni dolomite deposit is one of the cleanest (without intercalations and sterile minerals) and homogeneous deposits of this kind in Romania.
From a mineralogical and chemical point of view, the Voșlobeni dolomite is in accordance with the manufacturing requirements of the magnesium metal. Its high reactivity and hydration capacity (very rarely found in dolomites) make it fit for the manufacturing of dolomitic lime.
The mining company currently owns the technological analyzes and studies, as well as the environmental permits regarding the emission of particulate and gases, which are necessary for initializing the project of a factory producing dolomitic lime, with a capacity of 400 tons / day.
The establishment of a magnesium metal plant and a lime factory would be an investment favoured by the following advantages:
- the exploitable resources amount to about 40 million tonnes
- the qualitative characteristics of the dolomite place the deposit among the best in the world
- the infrastructure of the location is appropriate for carrying out mining and processing activities: technological roads, constructions, two chamber tailings pond, storage of explosives, etc.
- electric power supply (two lines of 20.0 KV)
- 4 km industrial railway track that connects the exploitation platform and the triage that links to the national railway lines.
- access from the European road DE 578 Miercurea Ciuc – Gheorgheni, through a 1 km road owned by the exploiting company.
- industrial and drinking water.
- access to the natural gas supply (300 m to the main duct)

The existing mining facility holds the legal right for exploitation (mining license for 20 years with the possibility to extend it every 5 years until the exhaustion of the deposit), the right of ownership for the 60 ha, the legal right to operate (building permit, environmental permit, water management permit, authorizations concerning work health and safety and fire-fighting measures).
During the 80s, Romania was in the early stage of the technological research and planning works regarding the manufacture of metallic magnesium out of domestic production, using as raw material base the local dolomite mineral resources.
Operational and fundamental research, in the laboratory and pilot phases, was initiated by the Romanian institutes for research and planning (from the field of metallurgy and inorganic chemistry) and lasted for a period of about 5 years.
During this period of time, two locations were chosen for the placement of the technological research facilities, namely the chlorosodic product manufacturing centres of Ocna Mureș and Turda.
The raw material used was dolomite coming from the deposit of Voșlobeni. This was chosen to be used due to its high quality, because it was a well-known fact that the dolomitic products produced by the company Exploatarea Mineră Harghita were being used at that time to manufacture products that were demanding in terms of useful mineral content and low content of impurities (such as glass, fine ceramics, porcelain, magnesium oxide, etc.).
The procedure used for obtaining the magnesium metal studied was the electrolytic one (electrolysis of fused magnesium chloride ), which is why they chose the two industrial centres that were producing hydrochloric acid, which was necessary in the chemical reaction through which the magnesium oxide was transformed into magnesium chloride.
The results obtained were assessed as favourable for the shift to an industrial scale, but with the early 90s they were completely and definitively abandoned.
Currently, the application of the Pidgeon silicothermic pyrometallurgical process for the manufacture of the magnesium metal from the Voșlobeni dolomite as raw material, would allow, in conditions of superior profitability, the achieving of products with a high degree of processing (magnesium and magnesium alloys) intended for domestic markets and for the EU. The European Community market ensures its entire magnesium requirement through imports from countries like China, Israel, etc.
Its chemical composition and physical characteristics certified by authorized laboratories from the country and abroad, whose results are attached hereto, made it possible for the Voşlobeni dolomite to be traditionally used, for several years, in the following areas:
- as a flux in furnaces in the steel industry
- for obtaining MgO and magnesium salts;
- in combination with other materials, it is used in the manufacture of insulating materials in the ceramic and the electro-technical industry;
- as an ameliorator for agricultural land;
- in the glass industry, and the industry of ceramic glazes etc.
- chippings for asphalt mixtures.

Its outstanding quality could be better exploited by using it for the production of:
- magnesium metal
- dolomitic lime.

The deposit is located in Harghita County, at a distance of 11 km from the town of Gheorgheni. The access to the deposit is possible from the European road DE 578 Miercurea Ciuc-Gheorgheni, or on railway, the Deda-Ciceu line.
V.V.V. Important!!!
The Romanian State, through the Finance Ministry and with the support of the European Union, supports direct investments in Romania through state aid, with an amount of up to EUR 28.225 million, nonrefundable (the amount varies depending on the initial investment, with the condition to create new jobs. The amount is transferred by the state in installments ,within 5 years).
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