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Terrain for building the luxury flats in Dalmatia  
Small Description * Project „Dalmatia“ represents terrain for building the luxury flats...
Size of terrain is 35.000 square meters. There are already made the „Idea project“ for the same terrain – for building the penthouse flats, which could be sold easy on the European markets, regarding the respect and position of marina Dalmacija. All necessary documentation for this project is clean, so the construction works could start in short time, right after the “Main project” is finished. Regarding the “Idea project”, building will be constructed in the rows with also double-objects and self standing luxury villas. The project by itself contains proximately 130 living units, with the sizes for flats from 60 to 700 m2. Self standing luxury villas are sized from 140 to 160 m2, and there are 10 of them. On the ground floor of object in the rows, there are app. 2300 m2 for business purpose, for whom there are already shown interests. All necessary infrastructures for project, ad electricity, water, telephone, canalization – is right by the terrain. Regarding the necessary power needs for this project when it grows, it will be necessary to build a small power supply unit. All objects are situated outside of sea-wealth zone. It is very important to notice that inside the area of marina Dalmacija, it is not allowed to build or place any kind of “hard made construction buildings”, which gives this project large potential – practically needed for this kind of project right beside the marina. By the forecast showed in smaller Feasibility study that included all expenses for getting project done, necessary funds for finishing the project are 24 mil EUR app., in the value of terrain of 12 mil EUR, this represents the full amount of investment in project of 35 mil EUR. “Idea project” contain high quality penthouse flats and business offices – and they could be sold for the prices min. 3000 EUR/m2. By the pessimistic Feasibility with price of 2500 EUR/m2 (22.000 m2 x 2500 EUR) – total amount of selling the flats and villas could reach 55 mil EUR app. From this calculation, the earned amount of this project could reach 15 to 20 mil EUR. Earned amount could grow with good marketing actions and presentations. With this project, there are also offered the full support service – from the beginning till selling the last flat. 
Business Growth stage Well established Business  
Funding Goals Startup Funding  
Financing Stage Seed  
Revenues Range 20 Mio. - 50 Mio. US$  
Profit Range Not applicable (startup or asset Sale)  
Profit Type Net income  
Employees Range 1 - 5 people  
Location (continent) * Europe  
Location state (US only) Not US  
Location country Croatia  
Status of products / services Other status  
Location is relocable? Non disclosed
Business includes intellectual property rights? No
Company presentation availible * No
Company Received Government or Community Grants No
Investment Prospect availibel? No
Businessplan availible * No
Research availible Non disclosed
Briefly description of the major shareholders  
Briefly description up to three major competitors  
Briefly description of strategic alliance partners  
Asking fund range 20 Mio.- 30 Mio. US $  
Transaction form * Private Equity Investment  
Price per Share Rage 1 - 10 US $  
Investors Preferences Received previous Government grants
Type of Investors preferred Private Equity Fund
Investment Bank
Fund Raisor Reference Number  
Company form Corporation  
Company Type Private Company  
Fund Raisor status Seller is a Business
Business is funded by Private Equity by founder
Real Estate included No
Business is a Franchise Partner Non disclosed
Business is a Franchise Master Non disclosed
Fund Raisor pays finders fee? Non disclosed
Fund Raisor interested in broker offers? Non disclosed
NDA required? Non disclosed
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