Caption of funding *
It is recommendable to formulate the caption and the small discription in English, because your offer is called world-wide.
World new and unique system for fashion industry  
Small Description * For the fashion apparel industry, we have developed a system.
We ourselves have already been in Switzerland for 7 years 5 Mass successful tailoring.
to worldwide market, we are looking investor for our system.
Business plan is forehand. Success is guaranteed! 
Business Growth stage Other stage  
Funding Goals Other Fundng  
Financing Stage Other stage  
Revenues Range 0 - 1 Mio. US $  
Profit Range 1 - 100 Th. US $  
Profit Type Net income  
Employees Range 5-10 people  
Location (continent) * Europe  
Location state (US only) Not US  
Location country Switzerland  
Status of products / services Ready to market  
Location is relocable? No
Business includes intellectual property rights? No
Company presentation availible * No
Company Received Government or Community Grants Yes
Investment Prospect availibel? Yes
Businessplan availible * No
Research availible Yes
Briefly description of the major shareholders Success is very active in the industry for over 15 years. 
Briefly description up to three major competitors does not 
Briefly description of strategic alliance partners does not 
Asking fund range 500 Th. -1 Mio. US $  
Transaction form * Others  
Price per Share Rage 1 - 10 US $  
Investors Preferences  
Type of Investors preferred Private Equity Fund
Fund Raisor Reference Number  
Company form Corporation  
Company Type Private Person  
Fund Raisor status Seller is a Business
Business is funded by Private Equity by founder
Real Estate included No
Business is a Franchise Partner Non disclosed
Business is a Franchise Master Non disclosed
Fund Raisor pays finders fee? Non disclosed
Fund Raisor interested in broker offers? Yes
NDA required? Yes
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Listing posted by * Seller