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Consulting companies  
Small Description * An international holding of consulting companies is looking for international development opportunities.

Since our creation in 2009 we have acquired 13 firms in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Singapore for a global turnover of around €50 million.

Today we want do pursue our international development in Europe and Asia and are looking for opportunities in these countries.
Listing posted by * Buyer  
Type of businesses buyer is looking for * Operative Businesses
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Directory: Industries Business Wanted Business Services,Information & Communications 
Industry * Business Services
Computer Services
Financial Services
Informaton Technology
Location (continent) accepted * Europe
Location countries accepted Europe
Location states (US only an Canada)  
Business Growth Stage wanted Well established Business
Revenues Range wanted 1 Mio. - 2.5 Mio. US$
2.5 Mio. - 3 Mio. US$
3 Mio. - 5 Mio. US$
10 Mio. - 15 Mio. US$
15 Mio. - 20 Mio. US$
Profit Range wanted 1 - 100 Th. US $
100 Th. - 500 Th. US$
500 Th. - 1 Mio. US$
1 Mio. - 2.5 Mio. US$
Sales Price Ranges wanted 1 - 100 Th. US$
100 - 500Th. US $
500 Th. - 1 Mio. US$
1 Mio.- 2.5 Mio. US$
2.5 Mio.- 5 Mio. US$
5 Mio-10 Mio. US$
Businessplan wanted Yes
Only owner of business accepted * No
Real Estate including the business accepted Yes
Public Company wanted Non disclosed
Franchise Master accepted Non disclosed
Business Transaction forms accepted Sell/Buy a complete business
Sell/Buy a part of business
Buyer is looking for following seller types Seller is a Business
Individual Seller
Private Equity Groupe
Seller is represented by a broker
Bank, Investment Bank
Buyer accepts Principals only Non disclosed
Buyer interested in offers from brokers * Yes
Buyer accepts finders fee Non disclosed
BuyerType * Business Executive
Business Executive
Buyer’s motivation to buy a business Buy a Business for growth
Strategic Investment
Buyer can offer Management capacities Non disclosed
Buyer’s location (Continent) * Europe  
Buyer’s location state (only US or Canada) Not US  
Buyer’s location (Country) * Luxembourg  
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