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We Fund Projects  
Small Description * *Maduro & Curiel’s Bank is an investment oriented bank desirous to invest money in the areas of agriculture, Real estates, Construction Undertakers, etc. We invest in any company with potentials for rapid growth and whose byelaws allow for foreign direct investments. We fund viable projects, and also invest in any viable, lucrative and profitable business. However, we insist that the host country must be politically stable, have good tax/fiscal policy, dependable investment infrastructure, hospitable people and above all, must be a democratic society.
Listing posted by * Private Equity Investor  
Type of businesses buyer is looking for * All business including licenses
Please choose a place in the Business Wanted Directory
Directory: Industries Business Wanted Construction,Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting,Real Estate,Mining,Business Services,Other industries not listed,Finance & Insurance 
Industry * Other industry
Location (continent) accepted * Worldwide
Location countries accepted World Wide
Location states (US only an Canada)  
Business Growth Stage wanted Well established Business
Early Expansion
Second or later stage Expansion
Other stage
Revenues Range wanted 0 - 1 Mio. US $
1 Mio. - 2.5 Mio. US$
2.5 Mio. - 3 Mio. US$
3 Mio. - 5 Mio. US$
10 Mio. - 15 Mio. US$
15 Mio. - 20 Mio. US$
20 Mio. - 50 Mio. US$
50 Mio. - 100 Mio. US $
More than 100 Mio. US $
Profit Range wanted 1 - 100 Th. US $
100 Th. - 500 Th. US$
500 Th. - 1 Mio. US$
1 Mio. - 2.5 Mio. US$
2.5 Mio. - 5 Mio. US$
5 Mio. - 10 Mio. US$
10 Mio - 20 Mio. US$
20 Mio. - 50 Mio. US$
50 Mio. - 100 Mio. US$
More than 100 Mio. US $
Sales Price Ranges wanted 1 - 100 Th. US$
More than 100 Mio. US$
Businessplan wanted
Only owner of business accepted * No
Real Estate including the business accepted No
Public Company wanted Non disclosed
Franchise Master accepted No
Business Transaction forms accepted Sell/Buy a complete business
Sell/Buy a part of business
Sell/Buy products/assets
Sell/Buy Technologies, rights, patents
Sell/Buy Franchise
Sell/Buy Franchise Master
Sell/Buy a licence
Sell/Buy commercial real estate
Search Joint Venture
Other Transaction Forms
Buyer is looking for following seller types Seller is a Business
Individual Seller
Private Equity Groupe
Seller is represented by a broker
Venture Capital Company
Bank, Investment Bank
Other Type
Buyer accepts Principals only No
Buyer interested in offers from brokers *
Buyer accepts finders fee No
BuyerType * Investment Banker
Buyer’s motivation to buy a business Buy a Business for growth
Strategic Investment
Joint Venture
Other Motivations
Buyer can offer Management capacities No
Buyer’s location (Continent) * Worldwide  
Buyer’s location state (only US or Canada) Not US  
Buyer’s location (Country) * Netherland Antilles  
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