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Small description * The facility is situated in the northeast of Sao Paulo and is infra-structurally very well placed – near the main freeways of the state of sao paulo connecting the south of Brazil with the north (for example the Transbrasiliana).Simplification of Transport and Sale of products.
The region is particularly suited for the cultivation of sugar cane (very fertile, slightly arid soil, hot climate and regular rainfalls) ? in fact one of the best areas for sugar cane cultivation in the whole country.
Object description

- For sale are exactly 50 % of the shares of the whole facility

- The facility is an integrated agricultural production facility (similar to a Holding) which is used for the combined production of sugar and alcohol

- Products: hydrated Alcohol, Alcohol, White Crystal Sugar, VHP Crystal Sugar, yeast, sugarcane hard liquor

- High share of exports of the products

- The facility consists of the following enterprises:

--> „Companhia Acucareira“ (the actual production facility, several agricultural terrains and arable lands, light vehicles, administrative buildings)

--> „Mercantil Agropecuária Ltda. (several buildings, agricultural lands and arable areas, administrative buildings, heavy vehicles, tractors as well as other installations)

--> Transportes Ltda. (service company, transport of sugar cane to production facility etc.)

- The total area of the agricultural terrains with sugar cane comprise ca. 48.000 ha

- Productive Capacities:

--> Sugar Cane Processing (tons/day): 14000

--> Production of Sugar (Sacks/harvest period): 3.200.000

--> A Production of Alcohol (m³/harvest period): 190.000

--> Alcohol-Tanks (m³): 25.000


- Several productively usable buildings and installations/facilities, administrative buildings, residential areas, sport facilities etc. – in total 58.000 m² of constructed land

- Amongst others a large facility for sugar cane processing (moagem de cana), several industrial scales, laboratories, all further devices that are necessary for successful completion of the production process

- Facility for processing of sugar cane juice (evaporation, crystallization, centrifugation etc.)

- Facility for destillation of alcohol (fermentation, centrifugation, 4 instalments for destillation – 40000 l, 90000 l, 120000 l, 1500000 l – in total a capacity of 800000 l alcohol/day

- Several vehicles, tractors and complementary tools and devices


The production of sugar and alcohol has been growing almost linearly (with a slight decline in 2006, but an even more steep increase in the following years:

period Raw Sugar (Ton.) Crystal Sugar (scs. 50 kgs.) Alcohol-Production (m3)

93/94 1.343.000 1.396,552 (2) 60.385
94/95 1.533.534 1.634,258 (3) 76.853
95/96 1.430.428 1.476.512 (4) 62.815
96/97 1.495.634 773.611 (5) 91.609
97/98 1.553.395 1.012.373 (6) 90.918
98/99 1.695.000 1.347.188 84.149
99/00 1.463.441 1.226.960 89.400
00/01 788.694 335.311 54.570
01/02 1.041.763 731.983 (7) 57.923
02/03 1.259.511 1.132.161 (8) 75.739
03/04 1.354.572 816.216 (9) 93.167
04/05 1.850.000 1.600.000 (10) 110.000
05/06 1.756.685 1.537.401 95.654
06/07 2.282.794 2.282.755 132.257
07/08 2.720.483 2.138.253 (11) 152.039

The production forecast for the current harvest period is based on following data:

Sugar-production: 3.200.000 sacks
Alcohol-production: 173000 m³
Export: 1000000 sacks

In 2008 about 783000 sachs of sugar were exported.
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