Caption of commercial real estate * Comercial land plot in the Riga Latvia  
Small description * 2 Commercial land plots in the Riga city with all municipal services very clouse to the highway, 100 000 m2 and 18 200 m2.
We have another comercial land plot just outside the Riga and have a higway gouing through the that land peace, size a 260 000 m2, one side the highway 160 000 m2 and another side the 100 000 m2.
T. +37128888988
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Real estate Business Type * Comercial and Industrial Land
Location (continent) * Europe  
Location country * Latvia  
Location state (US only) Not US  
Location City * RIGA  
Selling only assets? (When business is closed) * No
Employees Range 1 - 5 people  
Revenues Range * 0 - 1 Mio. US $  
Profit Range Not applicable (startup or asset Sale)  
Asking sales price range * 1 - 100 Th. US$  
Asking sales price in US$ * 88  
Active, running business is included in selling price? Non disclosed
If leasing/renting, monthly rate in US$  
Management could stay? No
Independent Valuation Report avalible
Businessplan availible
Company presentation availible
Market research availible No
Business Transaction Form Sell/Buy commercial real estate
NDA required? No
Seller Type * Seller is represented by a broker
Seller looks for these buyer types * Private Equity Investor
Venture Capital Group
Investment Banker
Business Executive
Business Owner
Private, individual Investor
Real Estate Broker
Other Buyer Type
Seller is owner of the Business * No
Seller wants to be contacted by brokers? * No
Seller financing available? No
Seller accepts finders fee? No
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